Road Tennis

Road Tennis STEM/STEAM is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Athletic/Artistic, Mathematics educational curriculum developed from our original physical educational program.

RT STEM/STEAM was formulated from the sport of Road Tennis and meets national standards. Road Tennis is a racket sport with it’s origin from the country of Barbados.

RT STEM/STEAM is one of the most comprehensive, applicable, and effective STEM/STEAM curriculum. It’s focus is geared towards architecture, design, engineering, with emphasis on mathematics and Science, with a bonus in body mechanics. RT STEM/STEAM covers the basics of measurements via tools such as a ruler, protractors, and a compass. Determining screw sizes and measurements, determining gauge as it relates to nails, screws, metal pieces.

RT STEM/STEAM taps into traction, probability, metric systems, multiplication tables, geometric, algebraic, and speed formulas.