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Be TransPORTed Inside the Port of Los Angeles' TransPORTer Mobile Exhibit

The Port of Los Angeles

Learn more about the Port of Los Angeles by immersing yourself in the TransPORTer's interactive activities.

The TransPORTerThe Port of Los Angeles

Students will be able to immerse themselves in the TransPORTer's various interactive activities, including:

• “Ship to Shore” computer simulation game
• TransPORTer Interactive map of ship and goods movements
• Electronic “guess what’s in the container” game
• “Can you spot the Port images?” aerial photo
• “Sounds of the Port” listening center

Age Range

Elementary School (ages 4 - 11), Middle School (ages 12 - 14), High School (ages 15 - 18), College Level,

Relevant Subjects

Biology, Engineering, Maths, Physics, Technology, Computing, Design & Technology,