Transform your mobile phone into a pocket lab with mSTEAM!


Experience the infinite possibilities of your mobile phone as a scientific tool through these three hands-on gamified activities and experiments.

>>Micro Crime Lab
There has been a crime in a major technology store. A group of thieves has stolen the latest and coolest mobile phone prototype. Do you want to be part of the "Micro Crime Lab" investigation team and find those responsible for the theft? In this activity, students will become “detectives” by using their mobile phones as microscopes. They will analyze sample slides for each suspect matching them to the photographs of the suspects. Help us solve the crime!

>>Alien Light Detection
There is a conspiracy theory. Aliens are amongst us but we can't see them because they emit a different light that isn't "human." We manage to get a picture of the alien ‘spectrum’. Should we check it out and see if we can detect the same spectrum from these light sources? Building on this story, students will use spectrometers to look at different light sources and take photographs of their spectrum with their mobile phones. Help us discover if we are surrounded by aliens!

>>Stop the plant invasion!
Exotic plant species smugglers have hidden an invasive plant species in the YoMo LA event. They want to disperse its seeds even though it's not its natural habitat. Do you want to stop them? Using mobile phones, students will identify different plants species and will verify they are native to the area by researching their scientific name. This is also a great opportunity to talk about the importance of biodiversity, the health of an ecosystem and how invasive plant species can be destructive.

mSTEAM is an initiative within mSchools, a program that promotes the educational and creative use of mobile phones in the classroom.

With the objective to improve the digital competences of students, mSchools offers a set of practical and motivating educational proposals that are available to any teacher or school.

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Age Range

Elementary School (ages 4 - 11), Middle School (ages 12 - 14),


Science, Chemistry & Biology


Medicine, Nanotechnology,

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Tuesday, Wednesday

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09:00 16:30 Show Floor
Start time End time Location
09:00 16:30 Show Floor