Message to the Universe

Friendly Planet Club

Design a space rocket and launch it onto our interactive wall. Let's brainstorm innovative ways to make our world a better place!

On this stand visitors will be able to customize the design of a special space rocket that contains a "Message to the Universe". Through creativity, imagination, and critical thinking, participants can collectively share their ideas and dreams with each other. Be inspired by NASA's past, explore the solar system, collaborate with others!

Invent your own planet, decode messages left behind, and see where this journey takes you.

Topics include:
- I would like to invent...
- The world needs...
- A great leader is...
- When I grow up...
- Technology is important because...

Age Range

Elementary School (ages 4 - 11),


Arts, Design & Makers


Arts, Design, Industrial design,

Days scheduled

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Start time End time Location
09:00 16:30 Show Floor
Start time End time Location
09:00 16:30 Show Floor
Start time End time Location
09:00 17:00 Show Floor