Witness how modern technology enhances Street Lights

City of Los Angeles

Learn that as technology advances, equipment and maintenance techniques become more innovative and efficient.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see how technology with Street Lighting has advance over the years. They will witness how photoelectric cells' functionality depend on natural light to control when Street Lights turn on and turn off. Visitors will be able to see up close a street light Photo-voltaic cell, how technology plays a major role in maintaining and controlling the Street Lights in the City of Los Angeles and so much more.

Age Range

Elementary School (ages 4 - 11), Middle School (ages 12 - 14), High School (ages 15 - 18),


Engineering & Robotics


Civil engineering, Electronics, Engineering,

Days scheduled

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Start time End time Location
09:00 16:30 Show Floor
Start time End time Location
09:00 16:30 Show Floor
Start time End time Location
09:00 17:00 Show Floor