Build Your Own Doodle Bot!

The Engineer Factory, a Project of Community Partners

Build a Doodle Bot that can make its own unique drawing!

At this workshop visitors can build their own Doodle Bot. A mini bot that can create its own art, with no coding required! Students will be introduced to electrical engineering by building a simple electrical circuit and attaching it to a cup and markers to make a low-tech (but very cool!).

This hands on activity will also teach students how circuits work, how batteries work and how circuits can be found everywhere (our homes, school and all over the city)! And the best part! Students will take their Doodle Bot home at the end of the workshop!

Age Range

Elementary School (ages 4 - 11), Middle School (ages 12 - 14),


Arts, Design & Makers


Arts, Design, Industrial design,

Show times

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10:00 11:00 Workshop Area 2 Available Soon
11:30 12:30 Workshop Area 2 Available Soon
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