Biocom's Microscopic Deep Dive into Histology


Choose a slide, and use the microscope knobs & view finders to talk about what kind of colors and patterns you see when looking at the tissue sample.

At the Biocom interactive stand visitors can choose their histology sample and place it under the high-powered microscope to take a deep dive into the microanatomy of plants and insects.

Visitors using the scope will speak out a description of the cell tissue to verbalize what they are viewing so others might be able to understand the microscopic differences and patterns to other images being displayed on the table.

This will allow attendees to understand just how similar all living creatures' cell structures are!

Age Range

Middle School (ages 12 - 14), High School (ages 15 - 18),


Engineering & Robotics


Civil engineering, Engineering,

Days scheduled


Start time End time Location
09:00 17:00 Show Floor