Toky Labs


Build and programme your very own light activated YoMo monster robot complete with very own polymorphic plastic shell that can be moulded by hand to create unique designs for each robot.

In this edition we prepared Tokybot so it can detect light intensity! The light sensor assists in helping your robot to “see.” It enables your robot to distinguish between light and dark, as well as determine the light intensity in a room. You can use this capability to control it directly in realtime using a source of light.

This fun robotics curriculum starts out with this YoMo workshop. With the help of instructors you will develop mechanical, electronics and programming skills, teaching you how the sensors can be used to control the robots and encourage you to go further on tinkering with the technology.

After the assembly of Tokybot, the students can use it as an engaging tool for design thinking activities, gamification and team management activities. 

Relevant Subjects

Electronics, Engineering, Robotics, Technology,