Toky Labs


Build your own smart watch complete with programmable face, timer display, and you can upload games to play on it including Nokia’s legendary snake game.

You are going trendy, so do we. We introduce you to Tokywatch, the techie wearable that yourself can build, the touch of style in your technologic life.

Tokywatch is not only a watch, it is also a platform to learn to code and upload any kind of program to wear in your wrist. It can be connected to your computer to act as a keyboard, linked to your Smartphone and much more. A full STEAM project!

In the workshop, we will introduce you the full capabilities of Tokywatch, the Open Source hardware philosophy, and what you can do with it. You will find all the necessary parts to start this hands-on experience. Our instructor will be there to assist you in the process of becoming a true maker! After it is completed, you will find the legendary snake game uploaded, ready to play and bragging with your friends.

As a bonus, we will show you how you can personalise your awesome device with one of the most famous tools for makers: The laser engraver!

Relevant Subjects

Coding, Electronics, Engineering, IT,