Future Technologies


Interactive stand

IT IS 3D are demonstrating 3D technologies and robotics, enabling visitors to design and make their own 3D designs, as well as learning about 3D design, scanning and printing.

The world is changing fast, faster than at any time in the past. In the future, the change will become ever faster. The world that young people experience will be very different from today, and they need to be aware of the technological changes which are going to affect them, and be prepared to navigate their future careers around the opportunities and roadblocks there technological changes will create. 

Of the major disruptive technologues forecast for the next ten years, which include AI (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Mobile Computing, Genomics and AEVs (Autonomour Electric Vehicles), we will be presenting two on our stand - 3D Printing and Robotics.

Relevant Subjects

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