Fashion in Flux: How tech will revolutionise what we wear

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Step inside the world of fashion and discover how it has played an integral part of the digital revolution.

Learn how fashion helped invent the first computer with the Jacquard Loom explore fashions new role in hydrophobic clothing to clothes that clean, clothes that protect and even clothes that interact and entertain us.

China Fashion Bloggers was founded by Timothy Parent with the mission to introduce the world to the Chinese Fashion System. We have created a convenient, central platform for bloggers to share their point of view and to help create a more holistic perspective of Chinese creativity for our global audience; currently CFB is the largest English language resource for the local fashion industry with 5000 stories over the past 6 years created by more than a dozen contributors.  We also strive to build a community and marketplace for conscientious consumers by creating both content and experiences to inform and inspire our audience, such as this show Fashion in Flux for YoMo.

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Photos by Andre Brito. Olgo Noronha - designer.

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