Become a YoMo Sponsor or Supporter

Engage with your target audiences in an interactive and hands-on way.

Become a YoMo Sponsor or Supporter
YoMo provides a unique opportunity for organisations within the STEAM community – such as universities, research centres, government institutions, not-for-profit organisations and businesses engaged in the youth market – to all come together and showcase their technology, science, brands, skills, innovation and ideas.

YoMo’s show floor displays a dynamic range of eye-popping, hair-raising science and technology – delivering educational STEAM content in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

YoMo offers the opportunity for you to be part of an impactful program. This will allow you to:

  • Inspire thousands of young people and help them to learn more about careers in the STEAM sectors
  • Engage directly with over 20,000 young people from Catalonia/Spain
  • Promote understanding of the importance of STEAM to young people
  • Help bridge your industry’s skills gap by getting young people “into” STEAM
  • Network with over 50 other STEAM sector organisations on a 8,000sqm interactive show floor
  • Benefit from global press coverage around Mobile World Congress, with its 100,000+ attendees from 200+ countries, 2,300+ exhibitors and 3,500+ press and analysts

What happens at YoMo?

Some of our supporters and visitors talk about their experiences at the 2018 festival:

Become a YoMo Sponsor

YoMo allows your business to display its brand and create awareness by contributing to the educational value of the event. Our show floor is a perfect platform to engage with your target audiences in an interactive and hands-on way, expanding the reach of your brand or CSR or Education activity.

Your company can participate in YoMo’s show floor through one of our sponsorship options. For a detailed overview of the different sponsorship packages, please contact

Become a YoMo Supporter

YoMo is free to attend for up to 22,000 attendees from school groups from across Catalonia and wider Spain. To ensure YoMo maintains its sustainability in the long term, the GSMA kindly requests the support of national and international government bodies to partner with YoMo Barcelona to help us deliver this free educational experience to schools in 2019 and beyond.

Your organisation can become an official YoMo Supporter by taking one of our partnership options. To explore these options, please contact