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Resources for exhibitors

Information and required actions for all YoMo Barcelona exhibitors.

Resources for exhibitors
Welcome to YoMo Barcelona 2019! To help ensure that the festival runs smoothly, every exhibitor must:
1. Download the Event Manual

The Event Manual contains all the information, order forms and details you need to ensure you have a smooth build up and successful YoMo. Please ensure you read and share this with anyone who will be involved, or working with you, to deliver your activity.

Download the Event Manual

2. Submit more information about each activity through the forms below

This information will help us plan for your activity, and help ensure a smooth experience at the event for you and your team. It’s important that you provide this information before the deadlines listed below.

Submit your activity details

All forms are compulsory unless otherwise indicated.

Form Deadline
1. Stand or activity layout plan (stands only)  18 January
2. Risk assessment  18 January
3. Build-up and dismantling access request  8 February
4. Vehicle access scheduling (optional)  8 February
5. Giveaways (optional)  8 February

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