The history of humanity through its inventions


Interactive Stand Stand: E15

Discover the inventions that have marked a turning point in the history of humanity

This stand shows students a historical travel through a set of inventions and discoveries that have marked the history of humanity by interactive activities. From the wheel or the abacus, to computers, cryptography and sensorization with IoT, passing through inventions such as the compass, the printing press, the discovery of electricity or the internal management of a steam engine. These activities are complemented by information of the historical context of the inventions to provide an overall view of their impact on the history of humanity.

The activities are developed using recycled and accessible elements in order to rise awareness of the importance of the reuse of materials. Likewise, all activities are documented and published so that teachers and students can reproduce them in their schools in order to encourage the exchange of knowledge.

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Engineering & Robotics


Engineering, Environment, STEAM,

Days scheduled

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

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09:00 16:30 Stand E15
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09:00 16:30 Stand E15
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09:00 16:30 Stand E15
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09:00 15:00 Stand E15