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Graphene Corner | Graphopolis

The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Interactive stand

Play with graphene, learn curious facts about this revolutionizing material and explore how graphene may change your city!

The Graphene Corner will bring graphene’s properties and applications closer to the YoMo attendants through informative videos and panels, and GRAPHOPOLIS: the graphene workshops for students and teachers. On-site ICFOnians, members of the ICFO team, will be present at all times to clarify doubts, provide more details, and answer any questions that visitors might have about graphene or about what it is like being a scientist! You could even produce some graphene flakes! In the Graphene Corner you will be able to get immersed in the exciting world of possibilities that graphene might offer. Everyday at the Graphene Corner.

GRAPHOPOLIS - Students workshop (45min):
Shape our future with graphene! Graphene is a material with brilliant outlook in several technological contexts. It consists of a single-atom, honey-comb carbon layer 100 times stronger than steel, yet flexible and almost transparent and the best conductor known to man. Discover graphene’s wonder features and use your imagination to shape the future of Graphopolis, drawing a collective interactive sound map featuring your own graphene-based devices. Everyday at 10.30, 12.00 and 13:30 at the Graphene Corner at stand #56.

GRAPHOPOLIS - Sessions for teachers (30min): Tools and tips for STEM hands-on activities around graphene in the classroom. Everyday at 15:00 at the Graphene Corner at stand #56.

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