Program a robotic restaurant


Interactive Stand Stand: E4

Experiment with the programming language LEGO Mindstorms

This activity simulates the day by day of a waiter in a restaurant: sitting diners at the table, taking note of the order, notifying the order to the kitchen and serving food to the guests.

Participants will program a robot so that it can carry out all these tasks. In order to achieve this aim, students must order a sequence of preprogrammed blocks and enter data using parameters. They will also have to enter data through the smart brick to modify the behavior of the waiter robot. Visitors will experiment with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® programming language at the same time as they learn the importance of the block sequence and enter the necessary data to solve the challenge.

Age Range

10–12, 13–14,


Engineering & Robotics


Coding, Engineering, Robotics,

Days scheduled

Tuesday Wednesday

Show times

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09:00 16:30 Stand E4
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09:00 16:30 Stand E4
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Presentation Room