Play with the web world


Interactive Stand Stand: T14

Explore the web world and reflect on web creation, privacy and network security

This activity aims at introducing students to the web world. A wide range of challenges will be proposed in order to discover what a web domain is, where the information of a web page is stored and how an email works.
Students will solve several questions imagining that they are creating their own website. Thus, they will have to think about the theme they would use, the structure of the web or how they would treat the data, among others. In this way they will reflect on privacy and security on the network.

Moreover, we will play with the mobile application winner of the latest edition of the contest in which children can demonstrate their mental calculation skills.

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Technology & Coding


Media, Privacy, Technology, Web design,

Days scheduled

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday