From quantum physics to quantum technologies


Interactive Stand Stand: M3

Learn about quantum mechanics and discover quantum technologies

In this stand participants will explore one of the most fascinating theories developed by humans: the quantum mechanics. Students will discover some of the most interesting phenomena that emerge from this theory that make possible to possible build quantum technologies. This kind of technologies will have a great impact in the field of computing, information management and cryptography in the near future.

The stand has two sections: simulation and experimentation. In the first one we will play with quantum phenomena simulations and we will compare them with our day to day experiences. In the second one, we will experiment with the classical interference phenomena, we will observe the wave behavior and discuss the differences between waves and particles, one of the classic debates of quantum physics.

At the end of the workshop, we will provide all the information needed to replicate some of the experiments carried out during the activity at home or at class.

Age Range

13–14, Over 14,


Maths, Physics, Geography & Others


Cryptography, Mathematics, Science,

Days scheduled

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Show times

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09:00 16:30 Stand M3
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09:00 16:30 Stand M3
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09:00 16:30 Stand M3
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09:00 15:00 Stand M3