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Observe more closely biomedicine under a microscope!

Observe more closely biomedicine under a microscope!

The development of new technologies applied to scientific research is essential to making new breakthroughs and moving forward the limits of current knowledge. In biomedical research, the microscopy is one of the technologies with a more important role. Come along to observe what healthy tissues look like under the microscope, or tissues with diabetes, cancer or developmental disorders. Make your hypothesis and draw your own conclusions, that's how researchers work!

You will also be able to interact with a reconstruction of one of the latest breakthroughs in microscopy: the Light Sheet Microscopy, built with LEGOTMbricks! This new and revolutionary technique allows us to study, with images and in 3D, larger elements such as tissues and organs, and even developing embryos. Come along and you will be able to take a picture with your own mobile phone! Don't miss it, biomedicine is waiting for you under the microscope!

Wednesday at stand #62. Sessions will take 20-30 minutes.

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