Be active, set Science in Action!


Interactive Stand Stand: S1

Delve into the STEAM world through hands-on experiments.

Students will explore the STEAM world by doing hands-on activities. They will discover physics throught a wide range of experiments and they will learn how to turn their mobile phone into a useful instrument for measuring physical parameters or for collecting data with sensors by using Smartphone APPs. They will also be able to use augmented reality programs on mobile devices to see the characteristics of the particles of the microcosm.

And there's even more! They will discover how Harry Potter magical phenomena can be recreated in the laboratory of their institute and they also will be able to understand why "eating well is a science" through food games based on mathematical magic. In addition, they will discover the influence of environmental variables on the strandings of jellyfish on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

Last but not least, they will see how football offers a wide range of activities that can be used in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Maths, Physics, Geography & Others


Biology, Environment, Mathematics, Physics,

Days scheduled

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday