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Our Dream School


Interactive stand

How does your dream school look like?

How does your dream school look like?

At Our Dream School stand attendees will be offered the opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking project in which their collective voices will help create a new model of school—one that is built to support what they want and need in order to learn and excel.

Each day of the festival, schools from around the world will construct their learning spaces that will join together with those of other schools to form a large-scale model Dream School. Students will be able to construct their ideal learning environment using different building materials. There will also be a long wall on which students can write, draw, and hang colourful origami kites with their ideas and desires for his/her Dream School. The installation wall will exhibit all the ideas compiled during the four days of YoMo - The Youth Mobile Festival.

To connect to young people and have fun, PROSK8 an innovative skateboarding company will provide our space with skateboards and helmets. Each day of the festival, attendees will be challenged to learn how to skate and have fun in a safely way under the supervision of an expert rider.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at stand #176

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