Teacher Track

Afternoons at YoMo are open to teachers who want to experience YoMo and learn about how they can use technology to make a positive change in their classroom.

Teacher Track

This afternoon track – developed in partnership with the mSchools Programme and proudly brought to you by Fundació la Caixa – featured multiple simultaneous workshops and events where teachers could hear, see and experiment innovative classroom proposals and methodologies.

It also hosted the mSchools Toolbox Marathon, a non-stop drop-in session where teachers can experience mobile educational apps and content guided by expert Toolbox curators. Other select YoMo partners offered additional workshops and presentations for the educator community.

Teachers attending the mSchools Teacher Workshops were also able to visit the YoMo main show floor from 14:00 onwards to participate first hand in the activities and events for schools.

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Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3
16:00 – 19:00 2nd EduHack face-to-face session at YoMo (by invitation only)