Step 2 – Registering your adults

Instructions for registering your adults for YoMo Barcelona 2020.

Step 2 – Registering your adults
Once your school group has been registered, you will need to register all of the adults in your group.

This includes:

  • the Lead Contact (if they are visiting YoMo with the group)
  • all teachers and accompanying adults
  • any students who will be 18 or over on the day of your visit

Please contact the Registration Team if you will be registering students over the age of 18.

You must register your adults by 31 January, 2020.

To register your adults, you will need the Adult Access Code (ending in the letter A) that you received from the YoMo Registration Team.

This code has a limited number of uses, based on the number of adults you selected during the reservation process. If you need to bring additional adults (e.g. to accompany students with special needs), please contact the Registration Team and explain your circumstances.

Once you have registered all the adults in your group, please email us so we can start preparing your entry packs.

[ 1 ] Log in to Eventbrite. Make sure you sign in using the same Eventbrite account you used when registering your school group.

Forgot your Eventbrite account password? Visit and follow the instructions.

[ 2 ] Access your Eventbrite Group Page. Once logged in, the best way to reach your Group Page is to select “Tickets / Entradas” from the drop-down menu of your Eventbrite account:

This page will show all of the tickets and groups you’ve created with your Eventbrite account. Select the Group Page you created when registering your school group:

From your Group Page, you can register the adults in two ways:

A – Registering on behalf of the adults

The instructions below demonstrate how you register each adult on their behalf. Each adult will still need to be registered individually.

Any adult you register will not have their tickets emailed to them. It is your responsibility to download the PDF and send it to them, or print it and bring it to the event.

To register an adult, you will need:

  • the Adult Access Code (ending in the LETTER A) that you received from the YoMo Registration Team
  • the adult’s personal data, including their: name, gender, date of birth, ID number and nationality
  • the adult’s mobile phone (only be used by our team record in case of an emergency), email address and job title
  • the express consent to accept, on behalf of the adult who is being registered, the terms and conditions for adult attendees

[ A1 ] Begin the adult registration by selecting the “Register / Registrar” link in your Group Page.

[ A2 ] You will be returned to the event registration page that you saw in step 1. Select “Register / Registrar” to continue.

[ A3 ] After selecting “Register”, you may be asked to “Join A Group / Unirse a un grupo”. In this case, simply enter your Access Code (without the letter A) – this is the name you gave to your Group Page when setting it up. Then select the code from the drop-down menu.

[ A4 ] Enter your Adult Access Code. Unlock an adult ticket with your Adult Access Code (ending with the letter A), and then click “Apply code / Aplicar Código“.

[ A5 ] Once you’ve entered the code, select “Checkout / Finalizar pedido” to access the registration form:

[ A6 ] Complete the form.

  • When registering the Lead Contact – select “Lead Contact – Responsable de grupo” as the attendee type. Enter your own name and email address. Remember, you only need to register the Lead Contact if they will be visiting with the group.
  • When registering teachers – select “Profesor” as the attendee type. Enter the teacher’s name and school email address, and they will be emailed their own ticket.
  • When registering accompanying adults – select “Adultos acompañantes” as the attendee type. Enter the accompanying adult’s name, but use your Lead Contact’s email address.
  • When registering students over the age of 18 – select “Estudiante” as the attendee type. Enter the student’s name, but use your own email address.

[ A7 ] Once you’ve completed the registration form you will receive the following confirmation message:

[ A8 ] View and download the ticket. If you select “View Current Orders / Ver Los Pedidos Actuales”, Eventbrite will show you an overview of the tickets you have ordered with your Eventbrite account. Use the adult’s name to find the ticket you want to view.

The printed adult entry ticket looks like this:

[ A9 ] OPTIONAL – Review and edit the registration. From your Group Page, select the name of the adult to see the details of that registration. Select “Edit / Editar” if you want to edit these details.

You can edit adult registrations up until 25 January, 2020.

B – Invite the adult to register themselves

If you choose this option, the adult’s ticket will not be recorded in your Eventbrite account. The adult will receive their PDF ticket and will be responsible for bringing it to the event.

[ B1 ] To invite adults to register, click the “Invite” button on your Group Page:

[ B2 ] When composing your message, please remember to include your Adult Access Code (ending in the letter A).

The adult will now receive an email from Eventbrite that invites them to join the group and register for YoMo. Upon clicking “Join this group / Únete a este grupo“, the adult will be taken to your Group’s registration page.

To register, the adult will need to enter your group’s Adult Access Code.

After entering the code, the adult guest will need to click the “Checkout / Finalizar Pedido” button to complete the registration form:

The names of all registered adults will appear on your Group Page, including those adults who have registered themselves.

Changes and cancellations

You can replace any existing adult registrant by cancelling their order. You can then register the new adult with the same Adult Access Code.

If you do not use all of the spaces that have been allocated to you, please contact the Registration Team. This will allow us to offer your places to one of the schools on our waiting list.

Step 3: Uploading student details

The final registration step is to provide us with the names and birth dates of all your under-18 students, using our specially prepared Excel document.

Next step: Uploading student details