Exporecerca Jove

Interactive Stand Stand: S0

International research fair where secondary school students from all over the world can present their research projects.

Exporecerca Jove is an international research fair held since 2000, where students from 12 to 18 years from all over the world can present their research projects for three days. Participants present their work in stands customized by themselves, where they have the opportunity to disseminate and publicize their research to the visiting public. Research projects from all fields, not just those of a scientific nature, are welcome. During the three days of the fair, the projects are evaluated by a qualified and independent jury. At the closing ceremony, prizes are awarded in accordance with these assessments thanks to the invaluable collaboration of our sponsoring entities. Although the majority of participants are Catalan, students of other autonomous communities and other countries of the world also participate, which makes the Exporecerca Jove an enormously enriching opportunity both academic and cultural.

Age Range

13–14, Over 14,


Science, Chemistry & Biology


Science, STEAM,

Days scheduled

Thursday Friday Saturday

Show times

Start time End time Location
12:00 18:00 Stand S0
Start time End time Location
10:00 17:00 Stand S0
Start time End time Location
10:00 13:30 Stand S0