Digital Apamea. - ancient mosaics and all the colours of the rainbow


Interactive Stand Stand: A10

View ancient mosaics through Virtual Reality

The Digital Apamea Project takes the viewer back to ancient 4th C Syria. It tells the story of an ancient community who left their mark in Greek dedications upon the synagogue floor. The synagogue was deliberately destroyed when tolerance turned to hatred and a church built directly over it. It was only during the 1934 excavations that this difficult history came to light. The early excavators removed these rainbow-coloured mosaics from situ and divided them between Belgium and Syria. Some mosaics were damaged and some were lost in the process. The excavation reports were also destroyed, accidentally, when a fire tore through the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels in the late 1940's. However today, with digital technology (photogrammetry), we can recreate the floor. And we can also walk upon the mosaics with the VR Oculus application.

There will also be panels, images and a virtual gallery for participants to learn about mosaic design, archaeology, conservation, illegal excavation and satellite technology as well as the Living Mosaic initiative by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and CARITAS (Jordan) to provide work and retrain Iraqi refugees from Mosul as mosaicists. Participants will also learn about the ongoing Roman (Byzantine) tradition as practised in the UNESCO city of Ravenna, Italy.

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