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Dani Jiménez Experience


Stage show

Take part in the most spectacular and thrilling experiments to live the Science at direct together with Dani Jiménez. Implosions, electric shocks and many surprising experiences are waiting for you to take part in the DJE.

The experiment is a powerful tool that allows approaching the science in an experiential and emotional way. Dani Jiménez and their scientific staff have been sharing experiments and experiences with thousands of people through media, live shows, museum expositions, experimental workshops, books and conferences from more than 20 years.

Physicist, scientific divulgator and CreaCiència manager. Currently you can see Dani Jiménez at Dinàmiks (canal súper3), every Friday at “Tot es mou” (tv3), at the “Muy interesante” magazine or in any live show around Catalonia. Always with the idea that the Science divulgation is a tool to transform the Science vision, using the experiments as an educational and thrilling tool from all over 20 years.

Dani Jiménez Experience collects some of the best experiments from the past years and exposes the audience at the center of an investigation where the reactions, the paradigm change, the cognitive paradoxes and the audience participation are the main center of the show.

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Science, Chemistry & Biology