Connected without bad vibes. Things you should know about cybersecurity and cyberbullying.



Do you know what are your rights and responsibilities while using social networks? Do you know what is cyberbullying? Find it out in this round table with specialists in cyberbullying and in the legal aspects of the information society.

A policeman specialized in cyberbullying and privacy in the network and a lawyer specialized in the legal aspects of the information society will explain to us why protecting our personal data is indispensable, how cyberbullying works, the legal responsibilities that minors have in front of this type of crime and the implications of minors participation in social networks. In addition, the specialists will talk about other crimes such as phishing, fraud or malware.

The conference will be dynamic and will promote a debate on the most relevant topics for students.

Age Range

13–14, Over 14,


Technology & Coding


Cybersecurity, Media, Privacy, Technology,