Cleanairs. The air quality game

Interactive Stand Stand: S6

Improve the air quality of your city through team work

In order to contribute to the educational, environmental and cultural development of our society, the Naturgy Foundation presents a proposal that highlights that air pollution is a key factor that determines the health of people and the environment. The implementation of a wide range of initiatives developed by administrations, private companies and citizens will be an essential challenge to meet the levels set by the World Health Organization to improve the air quality of our environment.

The game of air quality, called Cleanairs, proposes the challenge of improving the air quality of a city through a set of actions that will be carried out in four hypothetical councils, represented on an interactive table. During the game, participants will tackle the challenge of promoting public policies on energy, urban planning, mobility, cleaning and waste management. In this way, students will discuss issues related to the management of a city that can directly influence the quality of the air we breathe.

Cleanairs is a game that is carried out by several groups simultaneously. As the different teams make decisions from their respective councils, the actions that are undertaken are projected on a digital screen in real time. Throughout the game, the teams reflect on negotiation, citizenship and social commitment. At the same time, the public that witnesses the game develops its critical sense and can analyze the policies promoted, compare the different options and assess the consequences of the decisions made by each team. The game on air quality shows different levels of difficulty and is leaded by a person specialized in the environment that promotes a deep debate about the future of cities and our role in taking care of them.

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Technology & Coding



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