Be the next YoMoTuber


Interactive Stand Stand: A5

Learn the best tips to make YouTube videos

Be The Next YoMoTuber (BTNY) is an activity designed to promote technological vocations, explore the research field and the information management area, disseminate science and technology and learn about linguistic and interpersonal intelligences.

BTNY is also a contest in which visitors and non-visitors of YoMo will be able to choose the best youTuber candidate for the YouTube channel YOMOTube. The clip that gets the greatest number of likes will be the winner of each day (public award). There will also be a jury award in which the best clip of the day will be chosen by considering some previously established objective parameters (oral competence, dissemination, interest of the chosen topic, etc...).

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Arts, Design & Makers


Arts, Media, Technology,

Days scheduled

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday