Let's play with technology!

Comissionat de Tecnologia i Innovació Digital (Ajuntament de Barcelona)

Interactive stand

Discover all the spaces in Barcelona where you can learn and have fun with the design and the digital manufacturing.

Are you interested in robotics, video game creation or 3D design? Then you are interested in the digital technology and innovation workshops of Barcelona City Council. We propose you to create your own toy, assemble and control a robot, play with Makey Makey -a tool that lets you connect everyday objects to the computer and use them as keyboards-, and experiment with amplified materials and instruments to compose music. Stimulate your creativity and discover some of the activities that you can usually find in the Ateneus de Fabricació, libraries, civic centres and spaces of Barcelona Activa. We're waiting for you!

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Arts, Design, Electronics, Engineering, Industrial design, Robotics, Technology,

Relevant Subjects

Arts & Music, Technology & Computing,