Ciencia en Acción

Ciencia en Acción

Interactive stand

Watch the blue moons of 2018, make magic games or experiments available to everyone.

Come and discover physics and chemistry experiments available to everyone, to make incredible experiences that will help us to understand the world of magnetism, to observe the blue moons of 2018 (an extraordinary fact that passes between three and seven times each century), to make games of Science with Pop pPhysics and also make use of new emerging technologies and parallel realities in school. It will also explain the chemistry that exists behind some toys that change color. You also have Magic games, physics with a can... These and other issues will be found in "Ciencia en Acción " at YOMO.

Age Range

10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Augmented reality, Physics, Science, Technology,

Relevant Subjects

Chemistry, Physics, Technology & Computing,