Carrefour’s Caravan of Health


Interactive stand

Come and learn life healthy habits having fun

Once again, Carrefour is promoting a campaign in which it engages with the youngest members of the household, this time instilling healthy living habits in a fun and entertaining way, by organizing several activities to encourage families to follow healthy routines and teach them about the benefits of a good diet.
Healthy recipes made with Carrefour products, the culinary process, the history of gastronomy, the nutritional pyramid, and games and cooking workshops are just some of the subjects covered by the Caravan of Health. And all of this supported by the book “Te cuento en la cocina”, by Ferra Adrià, Disney and Carrefour.
It is a road show using a mobile unit (bus) that for the second year will start its journey at the Youth Mobile Festival in Barcelona and will visit the most important cities in Spain over the coming months.

Age Range

Under 10, 10–12, 13–14, Over 14,


Relevant Subjects

Technology & Computing,